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Treasure Cavern

Treasure Caravan is a TV show featured in "Family Fortune." People bring in any old items they have to get them valued. Muffy had brought a necklace that supposedly belonged to the archduchess of Moldavia, however the show's hostess debunked that myth, revealing it was only a piece of fake jewelry. Arthur bought in a chair (that was very similar to one that was on the show before) hoping it would be valuable, but it wasn't. (It ended up being from a completely different era than the original chair, which was from the 1790s, but his was likely a copycat, and was made much later (in the 1970s.) However, the rug that Kate was holding was worth $5000 and was from a Native American tribe.


The show hostess

Arthur had the choice to sell the rug or let Kate keep it. He kindly let Kate keep it.

Dance Weave

This dance weave is worth $5,000.


  • The program parodies the PBS program Antiques Roadshow, which travels the United States and gives people an opportunity to get their antiques valued, sometimes resulting in high-value finds.