A scene from Trucks.

Trucks is a fictional movie that Francine and Muffy go to see in "The Agent of Change". The movie contains only a few females, and mostly males. It is comprised of characters who take the form of vehicles, mostly trucks. Its main plotline was said to be about a truck who follows his dreams. In the part shown in the episode, trucks are participating in the Ton of Bricks Bowl, which Johnny Half-ton wins, goes out with Cindy Cupholder and the end credits rolls. Francine and Muffy hate the movie due to the lack of female characters, while Binky likes it.


  • The film is a parody of the film Cars.
    • Johnny Half-ton is a parody of Lightning McQueen.
    • Rita is a parody of Sherriff.
    • Cindy Cupholder is a parody of Sally Carrera.
    • Smelly is a parody of Mater.
  • The film is mentioned in "D.W. Unties the Knot", where one of the Tibbles says that he didn't wear a suit when their grandmother took them to see Trucks The Musical.
  • The ending music was later used in What's in a Name?


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