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A scene from Trucks.

Trucks is a fictional animated movie that Francine and Muffy go to see in "The Agent of Change". According to its studio, Top Films, it is "about a boy who follows his dreams". The characters are anthropomorphic vehicles, and most of them are male. In the part shown in the episode, trucks are participating in the Ton-of-Bricks-Pull, which Johnny Half-ton wins. He goes out with his girlfriend Cindy Cupholder and the end credits rolls.

Francine and Muffy hate the movie due to the lack of decent female characters. Johnny's mom is overly sentimental, Cindy Cupholder is "air-headed", and Rita the Meter Maid has only one line. Binky, however, likes the movie.

As mentioned by the Tibbles in "D.W. Unties the Knot", there is also Trucks: The Musical.


  • The film is a parody of the film Cars.
    • Johnny Half-ton is a parody of Lightning McQueen.
    • Rita is a parody of Sherriff.
    • Cindy Cupholder is a parody of Sally Carrera.
    • Smelly is a parody of Mater.
  • Rita the Meter Maid likely references the Beatles song Lovely Rita.
  • The ending music was later used in What's in a Name?