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U Stink is a band featured in the special Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll. The name of the band is possibly a play on the names of bands U2 and *NSYNC, though in-universe they were named after a comment by Francine's neighbor.

U Stink was started by Francine Frensky to prove that you can have a good band and not sell out. With Francine's song "Nothing But the Music" U Stink became a big hit around Lakewood Elementary and D.W.'s preschool, but Francine quit the band because the others were getting too commercial for her taste, due to the fact that U Stink became a huge failure. Francine was replaced by a drum machine, but the others could not decide what type of music their next song should be.

U Stink reunited in order to support the Backstreet Boys, but split for good afterwards.

U Stink with the Backstreet Boys on Stage

U Stink with the Backstreet Boys Live in Concert


The members of U Stink are as follows:

Later References[]

Although U Stink does not make any appearances as a full band after "It's Only Rock n' Roll", there are several references to them.

  • In "D.W. Beats All" Arthur and his friends need a band name for the Summer Serenade. Arthur says "We've already used 'U Stink' and 'We Stink'. There aren't any good names left."
  • In "Breezy Listening Blues" Francine wants Brain to play "Nothing But the Music" in the ice-cream shop. Muffy comments "Not this again". The song ends up as track 7 on "Sundae Hits".
  • In "The Great MacGrady" Francine tells Lance Armstrong that she was in a rock band with Mrs. MacGrady.