U Stink is a band featured in the special Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll. The name of the band is possibly a play on the names of bands U2 and *NSYNC, though in-universe they were named after a comment by Francine's neighbor.

U Stink was started by Francine Frensky to prove that you can have a good band and not sell out. They became a big hit around Lakewood Elementary and D.W.'s preschool, but Francine quit after the others wanted to go commercial. Francine was temporarily replaced by a drum machine.

U Stink reunited in order to support the Backstreet Boys, but split for good afterwards.

U Stink with the Backstreet Boys on Stage

U Stink with the Backstreet Boys Live in Concert


The members of U Stink are as follows:

Later References

  • Although U Stink doesn't make any appearances as a full band after "It's Only Rock n' Roll", their signature song, "Nothing But the Music," appears in Breezy Listening Blues as a music suggestion for the ice cream shop run by Brain and his parents.
  • The name U Stink, along with We Stink is mentioned by Arthur in D.W. Beats All when Arthur's Dad asks him what his band for the Summer Serenade will be called. Arthur says neither of the two names can be used as he and his friends had already used them previously.
  • In The Great MacGrady Francine tells Lance Armstrong that she was in the band.
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