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Uncle Niko's Olive De-Pitter
Item Type

Olive Pit Remover


David Read

First Appeared (cartoon)

''Arthur's Perfect Christmas''

First Appeared (books)

Arthur's Perfect Christmas (book)

Uncle Nico's Olive De-Pitter is a present that Arthur got his dad in Arthur's Perfect Christmas. It was purchased at Kitchen Crafts (a store in Mill Creek Mall), where Arthur initially hoped to buy a Veginator before learning they were sold out. They were touted as a strong seller, despite the units on display being covered with dust. However, Arthur was hesitant about buying it at first, until a worker said that he would give him a jar of free olives.

In the beginning of "Dear Adil", David Read was looking for his Olive De-Pitter with the help of D.W. and Arthur. Arthur had found his dad's old pen-pal letters and as they were talking about them, D.W. found the Olive De-Pitter. Although, in the episode, it is red instead of yellow.