This article is about the wrestler. You may be looking for Wilson, the robotic butler.
Uncle Slam
Thanks a Lot, Binky 6
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Hair color Greyish white
Job Wrestler
Cartoon debut "Thanks a Lot, Binky"

Slam Wilson (also known as Uncle Slam) is a professional wrestler on the Wide World of Wrestling. He is considered by Binky to be the toughest wrestler because he has been known to take two opponents at once. He appears in "Thanks a Lot, Binky", "The Good, the Bad, and the Binky", and "Brain and the Time Capsule." In "Truth or Poll," Binky compares the difficult math test to "being belly slammed by Uncle Slam." Binky has an Uncle Slam Fan Club, according to "Citizen Cheikh."

An Uncle Slam action figure is shown in "Mei Lin Takes a Stand".


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