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Season/Series: 10
Number in season: 7A
Original Airdate: United States May 23, 2006[1]
Canada September 26, 2006[3]
United Kingdom November 13, 2006[2]
Germany May 2, 2008[4]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Elie Klimos
"Arthur Changes Gears"
"D.W., Bossy Boots"
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"Unfinished" is the first half of the seventh episode in the tenth season of Arthur.


Arthur cannot wait to finish reading his book, but the last few pages are missing.


Arthur and his parents are going to the Foxes' retirement party, which is for adults only. Arthur keeps on asking why and is frustrated because he does not get an answer.

Just then, he finds an old novel entitled 93 Million Miles in a Balloon, which Mr. Fox got from his grandfather when he was Arthur's age. Mr. Fox allows him to keep it, and he begins reading it. It is about Dr. Gustavius Boles, who planned to travel 93 million miles in a balloon with a young compatriot named Caleb Trimingham. When Arthur's parents tell him it is time to go home, he takes the book with him and continues reading it at home and past his bedtime. Caleb and Triningham are about to fly into the sun to discover where it connects to when Arthur discovers the final pages of the book are missing, and he yells for his parents, waking them up. When they rush into his bedroom, they ask him what he was doing up past his bedtime, and he answers that he was reading, and also nervously asks them if that is good.

David calls Mr. Fox to ask where the missing pages are, but Mr. Fox has seen no lost pages and he can not remember the ending. Arthur finds an available copy at the library, but the person got it ten years ago and then moved away. It is out of print and the library could not find another available copy.

Arthur and Jane find an available copy on the Internet at home, but it costs $1000. However, they come across a 16-mm film called 93 Million Miles in a Balloon. The film does not do anything, as it is just a musical with a woman singing a song about going to Broadway from Nebraska in a balloon, 93 million miles away.

Then, Jane finds the lost pages: they were in Arthur's jacket, and they got ruined because the jacket had been washed.

Arthur then has an imagination sequence where Gustavius Boles and himself are about to fly into the sun. Boles says they will have to persevere, even without understanding what the ending of the story is.

A woman from Shelbytown has a copy of "93 Million Miles in a Balloon", but when Arthur reads it, he discovers that her kids have scribbled on the ending pages, making them unreadable and yells out, "Noooooo!"

David then tells Arthur it is hard to predict if he will ever find the ending, but that makes it exciting. Arthur has another dream, in which he tells Gustavius Boles that people cannot always give you answers, so you have to find them yourself. They set course for the sun.







  • D.W. does not appear in this episode but is mentioned at the very beginning of this episode. Kate is also absent from this episode.

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