Ungifted Title Card

Season/Series: 12
Number in season: 4B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 27, 2008[1]
Flag of Canada January 30, 2009[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom April 9, 2009[2]
Flag of Germany November 19, 2012[4]
Written by: Susan Kim
Storyboard by: Ivan Tankushev
"For the Birds"
"The Chronicles of Buster"
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"Ungifted" is the second half of the fourth episode in the twelfth season of Arthur.


Arthur gives away a present that he had received from Buster, then tries to get it back.


The introduction tells the fairy-tale of two farmers who own a cow. One of them (Arthur) trades the cow for gold, the gold for a goose and the goose for “magic” beans which turn out to be ordinary beans. The other farmer (Buster) is upset.


While looking for an umbrella, Buster finds an old model set and builds a thresher model called "The Grain Reaper". He gives it to Arthur as a gift.

Arthur wants to get a signed Dark Bunny poster, but Binky got the last one. He trades it for the model.

When Arthur tells Buster about the trade, Buster is upset that Arthur simply gave away his gift.

Arthur makes an “I’m sorry”-card. D.W. suggests also giving Buster the poster.

Buster refuses the card and poster. He is upset, because his uncle Stu, who once got the model set as a kid, comes to visit and wants to see the model. Arthur has a nightmare about Uncle Stu locking himself in the bathroom and a monster thresher attacking the house.

Arthur tries to get the model from Binky who gave it to Brain who gave it to Mr. Ratburn who gave it to Mrs. Tibble for a school tag sale.

When Arthur explains to Mrs. Tibble, she gives him the model but the twins break it.

Arthur visits the Baxters during Uncle Stu’s stay and shows them the “repaired” model, which now looks like an abstract sculpture. Both Buster and Stu are pleased how it turned out.

Arthur and Buster want to buy a new model but can not decide on whether to buy the Dark Bunny mobile or a combine.






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