"Unknown Female Dog (Number 2)" is not an official name.
Unknown Female Dog (Number 2)
Unknown Female Dog 2
Gender Female
Animal Dog
Hair color Brownish-orange
Complexion Cream
Cartoon debut "Cast Away"

Unknown Female Dog (Number 2) is an unnamed preschooler who made her first debut in the episode "Cast Away". In the her debut she was seen at the camp riding a bicycle. She appeared again in the episode "World Girls".

She was most of the time seen at the World Girl World store along with many other girls of all ages. She appears to be friends with Lisa as she was seen with her in the episode, but the relationship between her and Lisa is a mystery. It is not known if she attends school at the Elwood City Preschool.


Unknown Female Dog is a dog with a cream complexion. She wears a white shirt, long pink jeans, and blue and white sneakers. She has brown hair and a purple bow in her hair. In her first appearance she wore a Mary Moo Cow shirt.

Episode Appearances


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