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"Unknown Male Adult Rabbit (Number 3)" is not an official name.
Unknown Male Adult Rabbit
Unknown Male Adult Rabbit 3.JPG
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Brown
Residence Westboro Apartments, Elwood City[1]
Family Wife
Cartoon debut D.W. All Wet
Voiced by Arthur Holden (uncredited)
Bruce Dinsmore (uncredited)

Unknown Male Adult Rabbit is an unnamed character who makes his first appearance in the episode "D.W. All Wet." He is the father of Unknown Male Rabbit and Maria lookalike and is friends with the Read family. He also has a wife who is seen with him often.

In his debut, he is seen at Bear Lake with his family. He and his entire family have made many appearances throughout the series, though he has only spoken a few times.

Physical appearance

His usual appearance consists of purple pants, a white shirt with a collar and buttons, and light blue shoes. He has taupe-colored hair and a tan complexion.

In "Cents-less," his attire is changed. He now wears long blue jeans, has a watch, and wears black shoes.

Debut appearance at the beach in "D.W. All Wet"

In his debut episode, he wears purple swim trunks. For formal occasions, he wears a black suit.


Like most background characters, not much is known about him. He does not speak often, but he is kind to his family.


  • This character along with his family has made more appearances than any other unknown family throughout the series.
  • He only has speaking roles in "Arthur's Family Vacation" and "1001 Dads."
  • He has no known appearances during the Flash era (Season 16 and later).



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