"Unknown Male Adult Rabbit (Number 4)" is not an official name.
Unknown Male Adult Rabbit
Unknown Male Adult Rabbit 4
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Brown
Family Wife
Cartoon debut "Flea to Be You and Me"

Unknown Male Adult Rabbit is an unnamed character who made his debut in the episode "World Girls".

He was seen at the World Girl World mall holding a bag. It's unknown who he was holding the bag for, but there is a chance he was holding it for his daughters.

He spoke to Arthur in French during the opening to the episode D.W. on Ice.

Physical appearance

Unknown Male Adult Rabbit is a rabbit with a light brown complexion. He wore blue shorts, has a white belt, a white shirt, green socks, black shoes, and has a blue sweater wrapped around his neck. He has black hair. In the episode D.W. on Ice, he wore a green sweater.

Episode Appearances


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