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"Unknown Male Bear" is not an official name.
Unknown Male Bear
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Black
Complexion Tan (s8)
Brown (s10)
Peach (s11)
Cartoon debut "Bugged"

Unknown Male Bear is an unnamed character who made his first appearance in the episode Bugged. He was seen with Liam in the episode Phony Fern.


Unknown Male Bear is a bear with a darker tan complexion who wears a yellow and white striped shirt, blue shorts, and gray shoes. In his next appearance, in Phony Fern, his skin complexion was changed to tan. He had a green shirt with a large white stripe, green shorts, and blue shoes.


  • In Double Tibble Trouble, his name was most likely revealed on a get-well card, but it's difficult to determine.
  • This character could be a "reincarnated" version of Billy.