"Unknown Male Rabbit (Number 12)" is not an official name.
Unknown Male Rabbit (Number 12)
James' brother 2
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Family Mother[1]
Cartoon debut "Arthur Cleans Up"

Unknown Male Rabbit (Number 12) appears in "Sue Ellen's Little Sister" at the Annual Picnic. He is seen with his brother and Mr. MacDonald throughout the picnic, and races with his brother (was James as a miscolouring) in a sibling race. He and Mr. MacDonald made a cameo in "Muffy's New Best Friend," with a female adult rabbit that wasn't Mrs. MacDonald. He was again seen with Mr. MacDonald in "1001 Dads," at the Annual Father's Day Picnic.



  • In his season 2 appearance, he looks quite like Alex.
  • Despite being in the Brother and Sister wheelbarrow race in "Sue Ellen's Little Sister", it is known that they are not siblings as this character has a different mother to James.[1]
    • In Sue Ellen's Little Sister, it may have just been a miscolouring as a character who looks like James has been proven to be the son of this character's mother.


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