"Unnamed crocodile" is not an official name.
Unnamed crocodile
Unknown male aligator
Gender Male
Animal Crocodile
Complexion Green
Book debut The Bionic Bunny Show
Cartoon debut "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend"

An unnamed crocodile is a resident of Elwood City.

His first major appearance was "The Law of the Jungle Gym" where he puts an apple core in a paper recycling bin and Rattles yells at him for doing so.

His first and only speaking role is in "Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny" where he says "Whoa! Sushi-Ahmi-Uni-Ogi: Rise of Rawness! Awesome!"

He appears in the book, The Bionic Bunny Show, as a crew member of the show.

Physical appearance

Unnamed crocodile is an anthropomorphic crocodile that wears blue jeans and a light yellow shirt with a heart in a circle design on it. He has his signature yellow headphones on. He also has a wristwatch on his right arm.

In the book, The Bionic Bunny Show, he wears a blue t-shirt. The heart design in the middle is surrounded by the name of the show I Love Lucy. His headphones are colored silver, and include a microphone piece.


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