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Hey there! I'm Arthur Read fan. I help out on and contribute to various FANDOM wikis.

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September 11, 2019

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I have been a big fan of Arthur for many years, and my favorite character of the series is the titular character himself, Arthur Read (hence my username, Arthur Read fan).

I first joined Arthur Wiki (and FANDOM in general) on September 11, 2019, and became a rollback on this wiki in December 2019 before eventually becoming an administrator on this wiki in March 2020. For personal reasons, I had stepped down from this wiki for a time from late August 2020 until early November 2020, when I stepped back up to the administrator position, and I am still an administrator here to this day. I then became a bureaucrat on February 22, 2022.

Thanks for viewing my profile, and have a great day!

-Arthur Read fan

My favorite characters

Episode Galleries I have done

Arthur DVDs I own

  • Arthur, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (2002 Sony Wonder release)
  • Sleepovers, Sports and More (2006 WGBH Boston Home Video release)
  • Binky Goes Nuts (2007 WGBH Boston Home Video release)
  • Season 10 (2008 WGBH Boston Home Video release)
  • Season 11 (2008 WGBH Boston Home Video release)
  • Arthur's Music Jamboree (2011 PBS Home Video release)
  • Hooray for Health! (2011 PBS Home Video release)
  • The Good Sport (2011 PBS Home Video release)
  • Arthur's Perfect Christmas (2012 PBS Home Video reprint)
  • Arthur Makes a Movie (2014 PBS Home Video release)
  • Arthur Goes Back to School (2014 PBS Home Video release)
  • Arthur's Fountain Abbey (2015 PBS Home Video release)
  • Brothers and Sisters (2017 PBS Home Video release)
  • The Ultimate Friendship Collection (2020 PBS Home Video release)

Gallery of some of the DVDs I own

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