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Hi, everyone! I'm Arthur Read fan, and (as you probably guessed,) I'm a big fan of Arthur! I'm an Arthur Wiki Admin, so if you ever need help with anything, leave a message on my Message Wall, and I will respond back as quickly as possible.

I like to help out on here often (In fact, I contribute every day on here). I also have high-functioning Autism (NOT Asperger's Syndrom, just high-functioning Autism).

In the 2019 Arthur Marathon, I voted for "Arthur's Baby / D.W.'s Baby", "April 9th", and "Fountain Abbey / Arthur Calls It". These episodes ranked number 1, number 10, and number 15 in the marathon, respectively.

I like to write Arthur episode plot descriptions. You can read them here if you're interested. On top of that, I also like to write Arthur Fanfictions (You can see which ones I have written below).

Thanks for viewing my profile, and have a wonderful kind of day!

-Arthur Read fan

Arthur Fanfictions I have written

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My favorite Arthur characters

Arthur Read is by far my all-time favorite Arthur character (hence my username, Arthur Read fan), even though he has some flaws and obviously isn't perfect. Besides the fact that he's the main character, here are some reasons why I like Arthur Read:

  • Just like Arthur, I wear glasses in real life (not kidding)!
  • He is usually kind and friendly to just about everyone, even to D.W. deep down inside (one big example of this is in the episode "Operation: D.W.!").
  • He has a really cool made-up superhero identity, Supernova, who first appeared in the episode "The Secret Origin of Supernova" (I'd really like to see Supernova again in the future).

Ladonna Compson is my second-favorite character on Arthur, and she's my favorite female character on the show as well. Here are some reasons why I like Ladonna:

  • I like that she's very nice and friendly.
  • I also like how she's usually happy and positive.
  • I also think she has a really nice voice, especially when she sings (like the time she sings "Alice Blue Gown" in "Messy Dress Mess").

Hmm... Who is my third-favorite character on Arthur? Is it Brain, or is it Buster Baxter? The answer is yes! Brain and Buster are BOTH my third-favorite characters, although sometimes I like Brain more than Buster, and vice versa, depending on the episode.

Here are some reasons why I like both Brain and Buster:

  • I like that Brain is very smart and intelligent, and I also like that he can be pretty sarcastic on occasion.
  • I like how Buster can be very funny, and his fantasies can be hilarious at times.
  • Though their personalities are different, Brain and Buster are both friends (one example is in the episode "On the Buster Scale").

My favorite Francine's Tough Day Arthur head 2 episodes of each season

(NOTE: My opinions may be subject to change.)

1: Arthur's New Year's Eve. I really like this episode. It has better animation compared to most of Season 1, it has a really nice ending, and I also think that it's a really satisfying conclusion to Arthur's first season.

2: Finders Key-pers. What do you get when you add Arthur, Binky, Brain, and a missing key? A very funny episode.

  • Buster Baxter, Cat Saver. This episode is really hilarious. It has a good plotline, and it also has some meta references. My favorite line in this episode is when Buster says, "Remember kids: Hitting and punching people is wrong. But this is no person; IT'S A HAM!"

3: Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival. This episode is one of the best in my opinion, as it features some really cool songs! I like all of them, but I think my favorite songs are "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Library Card."

4: The Contest. I like how they parodied several different series, such as Dexter's Laboratory and South Park, and the story ideas that the characters have are pretty funny. I think Brain's and Buster's story ideas are my favorites.

5: Pet Peeved. This episode is funny, but also nice.

6: Rhyme for Your Life. This may very well be the best episode of Arthur, but I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. So go see it for yourself. It'll be worth it.

7: Waiting to Go has some very funny moments, such as "kelp," the cranberries on the juice box, and the point when Brain and Binky realize that they've only been waiting for 15 minutes.

  • The World of Tomorrow. I like Binky's dream, and his dread about going somewhere he doesn't want to go is very relatable to me.

8: Desperately Seeking Stanley. This is a really underrated episode.

9: Breezy Listening Blues. This episode has several funny moments, such as when everyone plays the different songs in the Ice Cream Shop. But the part I really like best about this episode is when Brain has his dream about the Swellwood City Mall while listening to the music. Bookazine, anyone?

  • Arthur Weighs In. I like how everyone is supportive of Arthur, from Mr. Ratburn to D.W.

10: Happy Anniversary. Season 10, an excellent season, kicked off with an excellent episode. It's one of my all-time favorites. There are a lot of "hidden 10s" in the episode; I've found every single one. The episode has a very nice ending, and it's also funny how D.W. correctly guesses that Bionic Bunny and Dark Bunny are actually brothers, despite having not seen it herself.

  • Operation: D.W.!. This is a hidden gem in Season 10, partially because PBS Kids hardly ever airs this episode for whatever reason. I like that Arthur is really nice to D.W. in this episode, and I also like that he shows her compassion. I wish we could see this type of character trait more often in Arthur.

11: The Making of Arthur. This episode reminds me in some ways of "The Contest." Each video is pretty funny, and I especially like George's "This Old Doll House." I also like the very ending, which hilariously creates a paradox.

12: On This Spot. Some people may think that this episode is boring, but I think it's great. We get to learn a lot about Elwood City history in this episode, and I also like Buster's "Derek Montaigne Tour" (He even mentions Matt Damon and Mister Rogers).

13: The Secret Origin of Supernova. This is one of my all-time favorite episodes of Arthur. The superhero references abound in this episode, and so does the humor. Arthur's superhero idea, Supernova, is really cool, and I want to see Supernova again in more episodes.

14: Nicked by a Name. This episode has a really good moral about how mean words can sometimes hurt people.

15: Fifteen. This is a really great Arthur episode. From the radio show, to the Red Claw, to Arthur's Michaelangelo report, I think it's a must-watch for any Arthur fan.

  • Through the Looking Glasses. Well, I always say, "This is another great episode from Season 15!" (Really, I do think that.) There are times when being out-of-character isn't funny, like in "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh," but there are times when it CAN be funny, like in this episode.

16: On the Buster Scale. This episode has a great moral, that not everyone is going to agree with your opinions. It's also really funny how Buster and Brain's opinions always seem to change Francine, Muffy, and Binky's opinions. It's a really good episode, and it's one I think about a lot in life. On the Buster Scale, a 10+!

  • Based on a True Story. This episode not only debuts the Compson family, but it also debuts my second-favorite character on the show: Ladonna! On top of that, it has a really good moral about giving people second chances. It would be my favorite of the season if it wasn't for "On the Buster Scale."

17: Brain Freeze. I kind of wish Yumbobo was a real ice cream chain, because I would totally go there! Although, I can understand how Brain feels about the place, fearing that his family's Ice Cream Shop may go out of business because of Yumbobo. It's a well-structured, nicely done, and really funny episode, even if Puk-Puk, Yumbobo's penguin mascot, is anatomically incorrect.

  • Molina's Mulligan. This is an episode that very few people seem to talk about. Why? (Rhetorical question.) It has a good storyline, a great lesson, and it's also about golfing, which I like.

18: Messy Dress Mess. This episode is the epitome of underrated Arthur episodes. It's one of my absolute favorites, and it features Ladonna, my second-favorite character on the show, at her best.

19: The Last Day. In no other time in Arthur so far have they ever gotten this close to a series finale, and they may never again. It has some good songs, a great storyline, and I think that it would've been the perfect series finale.

20: Cereal. I like how Buster is a really good friend to Arthur in this episode. It has a good moral about telling the truth, which I think is done much better in this episode than in "Arthur and the Whole Truth," which is also in this season.

21: The Master Builders. By far, this is one of the most interesting episodes of Arthur, especially with the 3D printers. A pretty underrated episode in my opinion.

22: Truth or Poll is a very funny and creative episode. I like all of the different polls that Binky and Brain come up with (which have hilarious results)!

23: When Duty Calls. This episode made me sad the first time I watched it, since it writes out one of my favorite characters, Ladonna. But after seeing it a second time, I now think that it's the best one of the season. It's not the funniest episode in the season (that award goes to "Fright Night"), or the most educational episode of the season (that would be "Citizen Cheikh"), but it is good, if a little bittersweet.

My least favorite Francine's Tough Day Arthur head 1 episodes of each season

(NOTE: My opinions may be subject to change.)

1: Arthur Goes to Camp. This episode A. Isn't funny, B. Has a terrible plot, and C. Is just plain pointless.

  • Arthur's Lost Dog. Look up "stupid" in a dictionary, and your result will be this episode.

2: Arthur's Underwear. Seriously, ripping your pants ISN'T that funny; in fact, it's not funny at all. On top of that, Arthur's fears about losing his pants are extremely unrealistic, since his family would very likely notice if he didn't have his pants on before he was going to be leaving for school.

  • Fern's Slumber Party. I don't like this episode. I left a comment on its page, explaining why I don't like it.

3: Revenge of the Chip. I don't like that Mrs. Read is rude and inconsiderate towards D.W., even after D.W. tells her to stop telling people about what had happened in "The Chips are Down." It makes me mad, and I can totally understand why D.W. feels so bad. At least Binky cares about D.W.'s feelings.

4: The Fright Stuff. A lot of episodes from this season aren't that great, but if I had to pick one that is worse than the others, it would have to be this one. It's really stupid, unrealistic, and unmemorable.

5: Muffy Gets Mature. I don't really know what to say about this one, other than the fact that I don't like it at all.

6: Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?. It's super forgettable, so much to the point where I actually forget it exists.

7: Prunella Sees the Light. Some Prunella episodes, such as "Prunella and the Haunted Locker" or "Prunella the Packrat," are good. Others, like this one, are not good at all. To boot, this is also the first episode in which Arthur, my favorite character, doesn't appear, which isn't a good thing in my opinion.

8: Vomitrocious. The episode's title says all.

  • Bleep. I like this episode's intro, which explains about how the "bleep" sound is used. But after that, the episode's quality goes down the drain.

9: Three's a Crowd. I don't like this episode for basically the same reasons why I don't like "Prunella Sees the Light." On top of that, it has an extremely generic and overused plotline.

10: Fern and Persimmony Glitchet. The moral is terrible. So is wishing that bad things would happen to other people. If I wanted to see the latter, I'd rather watch "Crushed," which is a lot better than this episode.

11: Germophobia. Buster's friends are very mean to him in this episode. First, they tell him that he's a slob (which isn't a very nice thing to tell someone), and then, when he starts acting germophobic, his friends think that he's weird, when they were the ones who made him act like that in the first place! It's so frustrating, and it's absolutely devoid of humor. What's worse, this isn't the only time Buster is treated badly by his friends...

12: Matchmaker, Match Breaker. It's not really that I don't like this episode, as I actually like ALL of the Season 12 episodes. But one had to be a least favorite, and ultimately, it was this one.

13: MacFrensky. This one is terrible. I can't stand it.

14: All the Rage. I agree with Bailey; this episode is "bizarre, strange, and unreal." It's not really bad per se, it's just that the plot is kind of weak.

15: Buster's Garden of Grief. Once again, Buster's friends are mean to him. Thankfully, it's not as bad as in "Germophobia," and they do learn their lesson and help Buster in the end. However, it's still a pretty sad and morose Arthur episode.

16: Sue Ellen Vegges Out. This episode has a terrible plot, a terrible moral, and it makes me lose my appetite every time I watch it, which is why I don't.

  • Fern and the Case of the Stolen Story. This episode feels like a cheap rip-off of "Francine's Pilfered Paper", except it isn't nearly as good. Also, unlike "Francine's Pilfered Paper", I have no desire to rewatch this episode, as they make it out like "Parody is bad! Use your own ideas, or else, there will be a massive annoying argument!" Isn't this kind of contradictory, given that this show is the master of parodies, as evidenced in "The Contest?" Ugh. This is a bad episode of Arthur.

17: All Thumbs. This is one of the worst episodes of Arthur. It's such a terrible episode, I feel like it ought to be banned with how bad it is. Not only are Buster's friends mean to him once again, just like in "Germophobia" or in "Buster's Garden of Grief," but Arthur's "code of conduct", which is to "never moralize or talk down to the audience", is completely broken in this episode, by saying that "sucking your thumb is only for babies!" It makes me really mad, so I'm just going to move on.

18: Best Wishes is really stupid. I fail to see what they were trying to teach children in this episode.

  • Shelter from the Storm. This episode is really overrated. Most of it is bad. The only subplot that's good to me is Arthur reuniting lost pets with their owners. All of the other subplots are either sad or creepy, and I don't like them.

19: Too Much of a Good Thing? That's a joke. They should've called this episode "Too Much of a Bad Thing," because Buster is portrayed as some sort of addict, which isn't funny, and it's exactly the opposite of how he acts in "To Eat or Not to Eat." I also don't like how they have Arthur undressing on camera. This entire episode is one giant mess.

20: That's MY Grandma!. It's really terrible and heartbreaking that Grandma Thora treats D.W.'s friends better than her own granddaughter.

  • Bunny Trouble. Buster is absolutely right when he reads the title card, because this episode is nothing but trouble. It reminds me of "Arthur's Lost Dog," and that's not a good thing.

21: Francine & the Soccer Spy is absolutely terrible. I really hate how mean Francine is towards poor Ladonna. It's so bad, I can never rewatch it.

  • Pal and the Big Itch. This episode is pretty pointless; it's an entire 11-minute story about Pal getting an itch.

22: Muffy's Car Campaign. Francine and Mrs. MacGrady are extremely unlikeable (a first for the latter in my opinion), and I really do feel bad for Muffy in this episode.

23: D.W. and Dr. Whosit. This episode showcases immoral acts.

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