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Hello, Hi, Hey!

Was that an interesting enough beginning? Did it catch your attention? Probably not. Well, I'd mostly describe myself as someone who's in love with Arthur. It's a show that always makes me happy. I love it so much :D In fact, sometimes my friends say that I'm obsessed with it :s The fact that the main characters can still remain such great friends despite their faults, is a major reason as to why I like this show. There's also the humour for sure. My favourite characters would probably be Brain , Arthur , and Buster.

Currently Working On

Title Cards- Adding extra details to linked episodes, adding pictures, fixing up grammar + spelling mistakes, re-wording sentences. (I've been very excited to work on this! Heh :) *This is one that I will work on over a period of time.

Character Tables/Charts.

Pages Made (Normally I don't make pages)

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My Favourite Arthur Episodes :)

I'll be listing my favourite ones as I watch them again. And if I remember!


  1. Well, one episode I completely loove is Desk Wars!! The name itself just shrieks out importance! Just kidding. That is so dramatic. Ahahahaha, but I do love this episode :) It's an amazing example of the domino effect, and it's so sweet how Sue Ellen cared for George's gum creation and how George influenced (without even trying to) others into being better people...or..animals... -ahem- Ahh. Great episode overall :D

Favourite Quotes from this Episode:

Francine: "Hey, we should have an argument, Ratburn'll split us up, and then one of us will get to sit at Brain's desk!"

Arthur: "But I like my desk"

Desk Wars

Desk wars

Buster: "C'mon Arthur, have an argument with us!"

Arthur: "I don't want to have an argument with you!"

Ratburn: "Arthur, Buster, I warned you. Now Arthur, go sit at Alan's desk."

  1. (Pretend that says "2.") Waiting To Go - The way that Brain and Binky interacted in this episode... :)
  2. (Pretend that says "3.", I'm going to stop saying that after this one.) Best of the Nest - Loved the Virtual Goose game and the camping at the end :D Favourite quote: Buster: My mom made me stop playing, she said staring at the computer for so long was bad for my eyes. Isn't that crazy? -squints- (Asking Mr. Ratburn) Hey Prunella, when did you learn to drive?
  3. Muffy Goes Metropolitan - The song was pretty darn good and Crown City was a very nice looking place! Especially the subway :o
  4. The Blackout - The Festival in it was great!
  5. The Blizzard - Did you notice that both the above ep and this one have the same acronyms? "TB" Pretty cool ;) I like the idea of everybody bonding on a cold day, that makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
  6. Tipping the Scales - I like Dr. Fugue and the singing was ahh :)
  7. Buster's Carpool Catastrophe - I LIKE COOKING.
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