Timmy Tibble
Timmy s7
Age 4[1]
Grade Preschool
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Complexion Beige
Favorite color Watermelon[1]
Residence Tibbles' House, Elwood City
Family Tommy Tibble (brother)
Mrs. Tibble (grandmother)
Trixie Tibble (mother)
Mr. Tibble (father)
Book debut "Arthur Babysits"
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"
Voiced by Ricky Mabe (s1-s5, APC)
Samuel Holden (s6-s9, AIONRnR)
Tyler Brody-Stein (s10-s11)
Chris Lortie (s12-s13)
Dakota Goyo (s14-s15)
Jacob Ewaniuk (s16-present)
Max Henry Wolf (AMP)
Timmy Tibble is a bully who attends Elwood City Preschool with his brother and D.W. He is one of the main characters in the show.


Timmy is seen to be boisterous, menacing and he is a bully - not as much as his brother though.[2] He is cunning and reckless.



  • Timmy argues with Tommy alot but deep down they love each other. Timmy is shy when Tommy isn't here so Tommy may be protective of him, the same goes with Tommy.[3]
  • Mrs. Tibble and him are very close and she is very caring towards him.
  • Mr. Tibble and Trixie Tibble, parents, are mentioned many times in the series but they have never been seen, so far.


  • D.W. is often tricked by Timmy (as well as Tommy) and she is persuaded to do dangerous things by him. However, they are still friends.
  • Emily is usually with D.W., so they have the same relationship with Timmy.


  • Timmy is scared of Bud because of his Power Stare.[4][5] Also, he is angry at him for winning against him and Tommy, in the Case of the Red Cupcake.[5]


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