• I live in crown city
  • My occupation is tv show enthusiast/ hs student
  • I am female
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Hey, everyone. After a 9 month hiatus because of my busy life, I'm back(for real)! If you need to refer to me, you can call me S or thatsnotababyshow,

My major reason for being on this site is because I'm quite the Arthur enthusiast and I'd love to share my knowledge while learning new things. I always try my best to contribute in a positive manner, as well as be courteous and respectful. However, if my fervor for editing somehow causes any problem, PLEASE let me know before taking any disciplinary action(which imo things shouldn't even get to that level), because sometimes I can get ahead of myself.

I don't think anyone has read my bio before this point(or even now), but I've given up the "maybe one day I'll be an admin" stint, because let's be real, our admins are more than competent, and by the time I'd even have a small opportunity, I probably will have be retired off this site anyway. (Excuse the sass, I just felt this had to be said.)
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