• Luke707

    The Social Network

    November 2, 2011 by Luke707

    The Social Network is an Arthur fanon about an episode idea.

    Arthur and the gang are at school. Arthur has a daydream where he asks the audience "Have you ever felt like something so weird was so popular?" It then shows Arthur on what looks like a social networking site, on Muffy's profile. The internet cursor moves to the top right, and clicks "Logout." Arthur falls off the screen, and the intertitle shows.

    Muffy and Francine are at Muffy's mansion, talking about the new website that is all the craze in school and Elwood City. It is using up many of the kids (and even the parents) times! Muffy has an account on the website, even though most of the people she are friends with are just acquaintances. Muffy questions Francine, asking her why sh…

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  • Luke707

    My fanfic

    October 28, 2011 by Luke707

    Check it out on my user page. It is called The Average Day at Lakewood Gone Bad.

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  • Luke707


    June 27, 2011 by Luke707

    It was a normal day in Elwood City, Arthur was doing his normal morning routine, at home getting ready for school at Lakewood Elementary.

    He got to his bus stop, almost late. Arthur was slower then usual at getting ready because he had to help his father load his van for the party that Mr. Ratburn's class was holding, a Halloween party.

    Muffy was dropped off in her limosuine by her butler, Bailey, excited for the party and dressed in Halloween themed clothing. Lakewood Elementary had the ambience of most schools; it was loud because parents were trying to drop their kids off. It was even more loud today.

    Mr. Ratburn's class started because Mr. Ratburn showed up late. He explained to them that his sister, Rodentia, had another baby and he was …

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