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" It peels, it cores, it mashes, it shreds, it juliennes! It even cooks for you. It's the entire kitchen at the press of a button!"
– Commercial Narrator, Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Item Type

Cooking Tool


David Read (multiple)

First Appeared (cartoon)

Arthur's Perfect Christmas

First Appeared (books)


The Veginator is a cooking tool that Mr. Read got from three different people as a Christmas present. Arthur had planned to buy him one as well, as it was on sale at a store in the Mill Creek Mall for $5.99. They were sold out, however, so he got him Uncle Niko's Olive De-Pitter.

It looks like a green leaf blower with what looks like the blade of a tree trimmer. It also a rotating sawblade, a funnel on the top, and a metal hose attached to the main unit. On front of the electric knife is two mixing blades.

When turned on and placed near a vegetable it makes it have an electric shock and grows.