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Vicita Molina
Vicita Molina
Age 3 and ½[1]
3 and ⅞[2]
Grade Preschool[3]
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Dark tangelo
Complexion Moderate orange
Residence Youngstown (formerly),
Molina family's house, Elwood City
Family Ramon Molina (father)
Mrs. Molina (mother)
Alberto Molina (older brother)
Unnamed grandparents
Unnamed cousins
Cartoon debut "Arthur and Los Vecinos"
Voiced by Alyson Wener

Vicita Molina is the youngest of the Molina family, the Read family's next-door neighbors.

Since moving to Elwood City, she has gone to D.W. many times for advice, as D.W. is at least one-eighth of a year older than Vicita.

Physical appearance[]

Vicita is an anthropomorphic cat, like her parents and brother. She has a brown complexion and shoulder-length dark brown hair tied in two pigtails with light green hair ties and wears a light green T-shirt with a blue collar, blue pants, and turquoise shoes. Vicita wears yellow pajamas with white and yellow socks when sleeping.


Vicita is a young and playful little girl who gets along with most of the kids in her neighborhood. She usually gets along with her big brother Alberto and does not pester him.

Vicita also looks up to older kids like D.W., usually looking to them for guidance. Vicita likes to play lots of games and she is very energetic. But being young, Vicita is also very naive and is prone to common childhood fears, misinterpreting the things she hears. Vicita is also easily manipulated by people like the Tibble twins, so often goes to Alberto when she has trouble with older kids (like the Tibble twins, Emily and Muffy).


  • D.W. Read: Being next-door neighbors and almost the same age, D.W. and Vicita are generally good friends who can relate to each other on many things. They play lots of games together and Vicita usually looks up to D.W. She can be bossy to Vicita sometimes, but their friendship remains strong.
  • Timmy and Tommy Tibble: Vicita and the Tibbles do not play a whole lot, but do occasionally get along. Unfortunately, the Tibbles like to lie to Vicita to get her to do things for them or just to see her act silly, which has led to some unpleasant encounters.
  • Treenie: Vicita's imaginary friend.


NOTE: Do not confuse Vicita with Amanda Hulser.





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