Good morning Vladimir and Estragon, here's your breakfast! Now for mine..

Nigel Ratburn, "Cents-less"

Vladimir and Estragon
Vladimir and Estragon
Gender Male
Animal Goldfish (pet)
Family Nigel Ratburn (owner)
Cartoon debut "Cents-less"
Vladimir and Estragon are Mr. Ratburn's pet goldfishes. Their first appearance was in Cents-less, where their names were also revealed. They were being fed "breakfast" (fish food) by Mr. Ratburn. Vladimir and Estragon live in Mr. Ratburn's house, in a small fish tank that contains a mini-castle sculpture. They appear again in "Get Smart" and "Lend Me Your Ear".

Name Origin

The names, Vladimir and Estragon, are based on the two main characters from a play called Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. In the play, Vladimir is an intelligent and optimistic character while Estragon is a simplistic character who has a negative outlook on life and humans. Estragon, however, is attached to Vladimir and needs his protection which is why he is seen as more of a child to Vladimir's adult and parent-like character. Since one of Mr. Ratburn's goldfishes is smaller, it can be assumed that he is Estragon, while the larger one is Vladimir.


  • The fish's tank has no water filter; this could have been seen as an unnecessary detail, or it was forgotten.

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