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Good morning Vladimir and Estragon, here's your breakfast! Now for mine..

Nigel Ratburn, "Cents-less"

Vladimir and Estragon
Vladimir and Estragon
Gender Male
Animal Goldfish (pet)
Family Nigel Ratburn (owner)
Cartoon debut "Cents-less"

Vladimir and Estragon are Mr. Ratburn's pet goldfish. Their first appearance was in "Cents-less", where their names were also revealed. They were being fed "breakfast" (fish food) by Mr. Ratburn. Vladimir and Estragon live in Mr. Ratburn's house, in a small fish tank that contains a mini-castle sculpture. They appear again in "Get Smart" and "Lend Me Your Ear".

Name Origin[]

  • The names, Vladimir and Estragon, are based on the two main characters from the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. In the play, Vladimir is an intelligent and optimistic character, while Estragon is a simplistic character who has a negative outlook on life and humans. Estragon, however, is attached to Vladimir and needs his protection which is why he is seen as more of a child to Vladimir's adult and parent-like character. Since one of Mr. Ratburn's goldfish is smaller, it can be assumed that he is Estragon, while the larger one is Vladimir.