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W.D. Merkle
Age 4 (D.W.'s age)[1]
Grade Preschool
Gender Female[2]
Animal Bear
Hair color Moderate scarlet
Complexion Light gamboge
Residence Merkles' house, Elwood City
Family Ursa Merkle (mother)
Herman Merkle (father)
Cartoon debut "Best Enemies"
Voiced by Raphael Cohen-Demers

Wilhelmina Dagmar "W.D." Merkle is the daughter of Herman and Ursa Merkle. Despite some surface similarities to D.W., they have opposite personalities.


W.D. is tomboyish and likes racecars and broccoli, and doesn't believe in unicorns. She has an imaginary friend who is an elephant named Maxine, who gives her advice.

One personality trait she has in common with D.W. is a dislike for being called by her full name.

Physical appearance

W.D. wearing her light blue pajamas.

W.D. is a bear with a tannish yellow complexion and short red hair resembling a bob cut. She wears an orange and tan shirt, blue jeans, a white and blue baseball cap, and white and red colored sneakers, but doesn't wear socks. W.D. also wears light blue pajamas. She has a heavier and somewhat more muscular appearance than D.W.





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