The Friend Who Wasn't There.JPG
Age 5 (chronologically)[1]
Gender Male
Animal Elephant
Complexion Pink[2]
Residence Crosswire Estate
Family Muffy Crosswire (imaginer)
Cartoon debut "The Friend Who Wasn't There"
Voiced by Jonathan Wilson

Waldo is an old imaginary elephant who is Muffy's imaginary friend. He was around when Muffy was three, and was rediscovered by finding a picture of him. He is quite small, with an X for his left eye, and white fluff coming out his side. In the dream sequence in "The Friend Who Wasn't There," Muffy does not like Waldo or remember him at first, but later accepts him as a companion. Muffy thinks he stinks, and when she wakes up, she gives him a bath.

He is seen once again in "Muffy Misses Out," this time appearing much more like a physical stuffed animal; it is unclear whether Muffy is imagining a stuffed animal or Waldo is an actual stuffed animal. She is seen blow drying his fur when she feels lonesome and offended about her friends not following her advice. She seems to be talking to him to console her feelings.


  1. "Plus you DID have an imaginary friend when you were about three."Bailey to Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire, "The Friend Who Wasn't There"
  2. "He was this little, pink elephant and we did EVERYTHING together!"Muffy Crosswire to Arthur Read, "The Friend Who Wasn't There"

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