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Waldo Loves Muffy
Waldo Loves Muffy.png
Game Information
Game type Maze
Main character(s) Waldo
Muffy Crosswire
Release Date October 2015[1]
Platform Website
Website link Play now!


Waldo Loves Muffy is an online game on the PBS Kids website. It is based on the Arthur episode, "The Friend Who Wasn't There."

For an unknown reason, this game was removed from the PBS Kids website on July 22, 2020. It returned the following day.


When the player clicks on "Go", Waldo will run straight ahead through a maze. The player must place up to eight special tiles that will make Waldo change direction, allow him to pass through obstacles, or teleport him. The levels also contain a top hat that will give Waldo a random costume. The object is to make Waldo collect three hearts and reach Muffy. The game has 25 levels.

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