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Muffys attorney

Attorney s15

Walter s17

Gender Male
Animal Dog
Hair color Brown
Job Attorney
Cartoon debut "The Law of the Jungle Gym"

Walter is an attorney who provides legal assistance on multiple occasions. He is Ed Crosswire's attorney, though Muffy has been allowed to consult his services as well.


He filed an official case on behalf of Muffy Crosswire, proving that the Tough Customers do not legally "own" the school's jungle gym as it is school property and therefore for usage by all students.

He later represented Rabid Dog to Bitzi Baxter, telling her that the interview with Supreme Dog was over because he needed to take a "personal day."

When Muffy, Binky and Ladonna all wished to share a kite known as the "majestic windeater," Muffy had him draw up a contract. He later also drew up a waiver for Muffy and Binky, allowing Binky to surrender two of his future days of kite-flying in return for a single additional day right away.

Physical appearance

Walter is a male dog-person attorney who carries the appearance of a high-powered attorney with a formal shirt, striped tie and handkerchief in his pocket. He wears glasses with pointed edges and has cropped black hair. He appears to have a more pleasant demeanor in his season 17 appearance.



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