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Wanda Deegan
Wanda Deegan.png
Gender Female
Animal Poodle
Hair color Orange
Complexion Tan
Family *Rubella (older daughter)
Book debut Arthur and the Cootie-Catcher
Cartoon debut "Misfortune Teller"
Voiced by Bronwen Mantel (s9)
Eleanor Noble (s18-present)[1]

Wanda Deegan[2] is Prunella and Rubella's mother. She enjoys yoga and granola. Her husband never appeared in the series, however Unknown Male Adult Poodle may be her husband because they have been seen together and sometimes with Prunella and Rubella, but he is never seen in their house, so it is most likley that she may be either widowed or divorced, though her maiden name is unknown.

Wanda is a kind-hearted character. She enjoys doing yoga with Prunella and her friends.

Physical appearance

Wanda Deegan is a poodle with a tan complexion, and curly orange beehive hair. She wears a blue sweatshirt, white pants, a necklace with white beads, and red lipstick. Her eyes are white with a black dot on each one, unlike her daughters who have completely black dotted eyes.



  • In Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!, the player is able to meet Sue Ellen at a strawberry field called Wanda's Berry Farm. It is unknown if it is owned by her or another Wanda, as she and her daughters do not appear in the game.
  • She never calls her daughter Prunella by her full name, but by her nickname Pruney.


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