George singing, Arthur on piano, and Buster with the tuba.

We Stink was a band formed by Arthur and Buster after they get rejected by U Stink in Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll. We Stink never became as big or as popular as U Stink.

The band was also mentioned in "Breezy Listening Blues" and "D.W. Beats All."

They only made one song, titled "We Stink Song" in the credits.



After being rejected from U stink, Arthur, Buster and George form their own band and calling themselves we stink. During the first practice, George couldn't sing on key then Arthur's mother asked arthur and others to take their practice outside but Arthur replied that they need the piano for the music, later on the treehouse Arthur, George and Buster continued their rehearsal (Arthur using a Mary moo cow keyboard) when D.W. arrived and told them that they stink.

Later during the U Stink music video, when they were asked to play vampires and a zombie, Francine approach them with a proposal that they could not refuse. Later it was revealed that the offer was her joining the group unfortunately even with Francine the band still sound horrible. When Francine suggest to kick Buster out of the group then having him not playing instrument at all, Arthur and Buster leave the group to form their own band called she stinks (Which would be a insult to francine) but George wanted to stay and thinks the band would be better with just both him and Francine as a musical duo like Sonny and Cher.

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