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"Whip. Mix. Blend."
Season/Series: 18
Number in season: 6a
Original Airdate: United States January 27, 2015 (DVD release)

September 7, 2015 (TV broadcast)[1]
Canada July 18, 2015 (?)[4]
United Kingdom March 13, 2015[2]
Australia February 19, 2015[3]

Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Allan Jeffery
"Arthur Calls It"
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"Whip. Mix. Blend." is the first half of the sixth episode in the eighteenth season of Arthur.


When Rattles' mom starts dating Archie Vanderloo, Rattles finds himself spending lots of time with Archie's kids. The problem is, Rattles doesn't have anything in common with these twins! Can this blended family learn to get along?[5]


In the introduction, Arthur shows a Read family photo, then gives examples of other family types from the animal kingdom. He imagines having a mom and two dads like tamarin monkeys, Kate getting a diaper change from all the female Reads like an elephant baby, and himself being fed by strangers like Arabian babblers.

Whip. Mix. Blend.

The Tough Customers have a meeting and decide to picket a new Sticky Chicken. Rattles has to spend the weekend at the Vanderloos. He explains that his divorced mom is dating Archie Vanderloo, whom Rattles likes, except for his all-too-fancy cooking. Archie has twins who are the same age as Rattles. Angie likes dancing and talks slang which Rattles can hardly understand. Ansel is crazy about sports, and beats Rattles easily at every sport, though he is always nice about it. Rattles is not sure he will survive a whole weekend with them. His friends suggest that he should go along with the twins and they promise to train him.

Binky and Slink spend the afternoon listening to teenagers' slang and taking notes.

Meanwhile, Molly builds up Rattles' stamina by making him babysit James. D.W., Bud and the Tibbles are also there, so Rattles quickly screams for help.

On Friday, the Tough Customers give Rattles an energy drink and a slang dictionary.

When Rattles' mom wants to tell Rattles something, he is too tired, but he assures her that he and the twins will get along just fine. On Saturday, she tries again, but is interrupted by the twins.

The twins and Rattles walk up a mountain. Thanks to the dictionary, Rattles impresses Angie, but then loses both the dictionary and the energy drink while racing Ansel.

At dinner, Rattles cannot understand Angie and when she tries to teach him to dance, he shows no talent for it.

At night, Ansel tells Rattles, that after spending some time with him, he now thinks that Rattles will be a great brother. Rattles is shocked, because he did not know that his mom and Archie were planning to marry.

Rattles and his mom sit down in the Vanderloos' kitchen. She confirms that she is getting married and that Rattles' dad does not mind. Rattles says that he likes the Vanderloos, but does not feel that he can fit in. His mom tells him that they will all have to accept each other as they are.

The next morning, the twins find Rattles gone, which Ansel blames on Angie's music. Rattles returns and tells them that he expects them all to work together. Angie has to speak English to him and Ansel has to accept that Rattles is not good at sports. Finally, he serves them his favorite breakfast: freshly bought bialys.

Afterwards, Rattles takes the twins to the picket at Sticky Chicken, where he tells his friends that the twins are a little strange, but they are family.






Episode connections

  • In "The Last Tough Customer," the Tough Customers changed their name to Tough Consumers and informed prospective Chickin' Lickin customers about the company's business practices. Here, they have gone back to their original name, but still protest against the company, now called Sticky Chicken.
  • Buster's mother had been dating Harry Mills from "Bitzi's Beau" to "Bitzi's Break-up," though they eventually decided to be just friends.

Cultural references

  • The teenage slang in this episode is fictional, though some of it is inspired by foreign languages like sabots (French for clogs), which is used as a general term for shoes.
  • Angie mentions someone named Tolon, a reference to Tolon Brown.


  • Although Binky says "Tough Customers," in the closed captions, he says "Tough Consumers."
  • At one point, when Rattles is running up the mountain, his shoes turn red.
  • The cover of "Binky & Slink's Slang Dictionary" changes to "Binky's & SLINK'S SLANG DICTIONARY" when it is seen on the hiking trail.

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