Will Nobody
Will Nobody
Age 8[1]
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Job Prince of Light
Cartoon debut "The Chronicles of Buster"
Will Nobody is the main protagonist of the movie series The Chronicles of Ahmayzzia in the episode "The Chronicles of Buster." The DVDs that Buster watches also feature his actor who is doing the commentary. The actor's name is not given.

In the movie, Will Nobody is a boy from Arthur's world, who falls into his toy chest while reading reading a book. He is teleported to the land Ahmayzzia where a group of elfs led by Endengorn discovers that he is the Prince of Light foretold by a prophecy. Will saves Ahmayzzia from Pordrog, Lord of Darkness.

Physical appearance

Will Nobody is a bear with a cream complexion. He wears a blue shirt with a large white stripe, gray jeans, and black and white sneakers. He has tan hair.



  1. "Marvel once more to the story of Will Nobody, the ordinary eight-year-old boy who falls through his toy chest into the land of Ahmayzzia, where he discovers he was the Prince of Light, destined to save Ahmayzzia from Pordro, Lord of Darkness!" - Announcer, "The Chronicles of Buster"

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