Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Cartoon debut "The Return of the King"

Winky[1] is a student of Glenbrook Academy in Mr. Pryce-Jones' 3rd grade class. When at the lunch table, Mr. Pryce-Jones was going to sing the "English Kings" song to teach Lakewood, so Winky played a C-sharp note on his harmonica to start him on the right key. He also participated in several of the group events.

Physical appearance

Winky is a rabbit with a yellow complexion. Despite being a rabbit, his head is in the same shape as Binky's, minus the ears. He also has two large front teeth, similar to Buster's.

He wears the Glenbrook uniform with a white collared shirt, a dark blue tie, light blue V-neck shirt, and a medium blue jacket bearing the Glenbrook insignia.




  • While Binky plays the clarinet, Winky plays a harmonica.


  1. "You haven't taught them the song, Ratburn? Winky, C-sharp, please."Mr. Pryce-Jones, "The Return of the King"

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