Arthur Rides the Bandwagon 7
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Collectible toy


Pretty Much Everyone (formerly)

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur Rides the Bandwagon"

Woogles are a collectable toy, and a big trend/fad in Arthur Rides the Bandwagon

Woogles can squeeze, bounce like a ball, stretch like a snake, shimmy and shake, and talk when you hug them. They can also be customized to wear outfits and other gimmicks.

Everyone in Elwood City (including the grown ups) had at least one Woogle. However, when bottle cap clicking became popular, Woogles were shown to have been forgotten.

Arthur was the last known person to obtain a Woogle. He tried to sell it at a yard sale, but no one bought it. Eventually, he sold it via advertising on the Internet.

Muffy still has her Woogle collection stored in the basement of her mansion.

Poogles are the cheap knock off of a woogle.

Known Woogles


  • Narrator: Is it a toy? Is it a pet? Is it an ALIEN?
  • Kids: AHHHHH!
  • Girl: No, it's my Woogle!
  • Singer: OOOOH, They bounce like a ball, they stretch like a snake, they wiggle and waggle, and shimmy and shake. They smile when you hold them, and cry when you don't...
  • Woogle: *cries*
  • Singers: They're Woogles, Woogles, Woogles! They say something cute when you give them a squeeze, like
  • Woogle: Can I have a hug? Pretty please?
  • Singer: You can put them in hats, or even a dress... and they're better than pets because they don't make a mess! Woogles, Woogles, Woogles!
  • Woogle: Woogles, coming in every color of the rainbow (and then some). So, collect them all! Get yours today!


  • They were a parody of Silly Slammers, which were popular around the same time this episode was released.



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