You Can Fly If You Try
To Beat or Not to Beat
Francine on stage
Artist Francine Frensky (Jodie Resther)
Runtime 0:46
Played in "To Beat or Not to Beat"

You Can Fly If You Try is a song that Francine performs in "To Beat or Not to Beat." An excerpt from Francine's performance of the song can be heard in the remixed version of the Arthur theme song, "Believe in Yourself."


You can fly--- if you try.

You can flyyy--- if you try.

Like a bird—in the sky—you can fly—if you try—You can fly

You can do—most anything—even learn how to sing...flap your wings

You can flyyy—You can Fly--

Album Releases

The full version of the song was never released. However, the remixed version of the theme song with the excerpt in it was released in the album Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix.

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