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Zuzbeeza XQ 360
Zubeeza XQ 360
Item Type

Digital Camera


Muffy Crosswire; various

First Appeared (cartoon)

The Law of the Jungle Gym

First Appeared (books)


The Zuzbeeza XQ 360 (formerly spelled Zubeeza XQ 360) is the latest digital point-and-shoot camera developed by Zuzbeeza.

Muffy Crosswire flaunts her ownership of one in "The Law of the Jungle Gym." However, she does not understand how to use every function, causing all of her pictures to have motion blur and bad composition. She then uses it to have a photo shoot with her friends dressed up in costumes, and later becomes interested in abstract photography. However, she takes a break for a group photo on Moose Mountain as she sets the timer to be in it too, as seen in a flashback in "Do You Speak George?" which ends up much to her dismay for Buster giving her pretend bunny ears.

Pizza Paula uses the same camera model to take photos at Arthur's pizza party in "Is That Kosher?" It is unknown how she is able to connect a point-and-shoot with a standalone umbrella flash.